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  • Gary Conroy

The Clarify Collection Case Study 2

5 Squirrels recently launched the Clarify Collection which consists of four products formulated to help patients with oily and blemish prone skin. Last year we trialled the products with invaluable assistance from a selection of clients including Craig Hobson, the founder of Craig Hobson Aesthetics, a trusted medical aesthetics company based in Bristol. Craig is an NMC registered nurse prescriber with over 15 years of clinical and pharmaceutical experience.  


We are pleased to present this second case-study which demonstrates the efficacy of the Clarify Collection. We will be sharing further case studies in due course. 




Ruby is 25 years old with no medical history. She was using over the counter products prior to attending Craig Hobson’s aesthetic clinic. Ruby had already been using Clear, with good results, prior to the trial. She also had a course of 3 x Mandelic and Salicylic based chemical peels starting in January 2023. Ruby has not had any prescription medications and did not use any other products during the trial.


Within just two weeks, Ruby started to observe a remarkable transformation in her skin, with the culmination of 8 weeks yielding the following outcomes: 


- Significant Reduction in Pore Size  

- Visible Improvements in Skin Tone  

- Blemishes significantly reduced 

- Smoother and softer skin 




“After just two weeks my skin tone had improved and my skin looked clearer. The texture and overall appearance improved further in the following weeks, with fewer blemishes. I would definitely recommend these products to other people. I particularly loved the cleanser and the serum.”

We extend our sincere appreciation to Craig Hobson for his invaluable assistance in conducting the trial of the Clarify Collection.  




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