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  • Gary Conroy

The Clarify Collection Case Study 1

5 Squirrels recently launched the Clarify Collection which consists of four products formulated to help patients with oily and blemish prone skin. Last year we trialled the products with invaluable assistance from a selection of clients including Craig Hobson, the founder of Craig Hobson Aesthetics, a trusted medical aesthetics company based in Bristol. Craig is an NMC registered nurse prescriber with over 15 years of clinical and pharmaceutical experience.  


We are pleased to present this case-study which demonstrates the efficacy of the Clarify Collection. We will be sharing further case studies in due course. 




Duration: 8 weeks 



- Clear – Hydroxy Acid Cleanser 

- Remove - Oil Control Pads 

- Control - Oil Control Serum 

- Zap – Blemish Control Pen 




1. Morning Cleanse: Start with Clear (Hydroxy Acid Cleanser). 

2. Oil Control: After cleansing, apply Remove (Oil Control Pad) across the face, focusing on oil-prone zones and areas with blemishes. Allow it to dry naturally without rinsing off. Use once per day in the morning. 

3. Serum Application: Apply Control (Oil Control Serum) generously to the entire face and neck. Massage gently until the serum is fully absorbed. Allow complete absorption before applying other products. 

4. Sun Protection: Apply Protect 50. SPF 50 must be worn every day while using the Clarify Collection products. 

5. Evening Routine: For optimal results, reapply Control (Oil Control Serum) in the evening. Massage gently until fully absorbed. 



Claire, a 50-year-old female, has grappled with oily and blemish-prone skin for numerous years, persisting from adolescence into adulthood. At the commencement of the trial, Claire was experiencing mild menopausal symptoms, with no other underlying medical conditions. Having previously used isotretinoin, with the last usage two years ago, she had since relied on over-the-counter products. Clear (Hydroxy Acid Cleanser) had been a staple in her routine for several months before integrating Remove and Control into her daily regimen. Exclusive to the trial period, Claire refrained from using any other skincare products, except for Protect 50. 



Within a mere 2 weeks, Claire observed a remarkable transformation in her skin, with the culmination of 8 weeks yielding the following outcomes: 


-  Significant Reduction in Blemishes and Breakouts   

-  Diminished Oiliness and Shine   

-  Visible Improvements in Skin Tone   

-  Reduced Pore Size and Visibility   




“By Week 3, I noticed a tangible difference. My skin felt smoother, and breakouts were noticeably fewer. Blemishes were reduced, and there was a marked improvement in pore size. My skin has visibly transformed, and I am exceedingly pleased with the results.” 




“My personal journey into aesthetics was fuelled by my own experiences of struggling with teenage acne and constantly feeling 'skin conscious.' I am passionate about helping my patients build their skin confidence. Over the last year I have seen great results with Clear degreasing cleanser, so I was delighted to hear that 5 Squirrels were launching new products to help with oily and blemish prone skin. I trialled the range with several patients, and they have all had fantastic results. I am absolutely delighted to add the Clarify Collection to my skincare range.” 

We extend our sincere appreciation to Craig Hobson for his invaluable assistance in conducting the trial of the Clarify Collection.  




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