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  • Gary Conroy

How to easily add £100,000 to your turnover in 2022

Did you know that patients attending an aesthetic clinic spend an average of £60 per month on topical cosmetic products? Did you know 80% of these sales are made online or on the High St? Did you know the industry average is only 5% retail to treatment ratio yet 5 Squirrels customers can easily achieve 25% using our winning business support tools. This means that patients attending your clinic maybe buying inappropriate or sub therapeutic products from unqualified outlets in an attempt to achieve the cosmetic outcomes they require. We discussed the reasons why some retail and service offerings in clinic maybe intimidating or unattractive to patients in our previous blog about maximising your retail space. This blog will specifically look at what you can do to convert 150 patients to spending their £60 on effective products every month in your clinic this year netting you £60 x 150 x 12 = £108,000 and effectively address the retail to treatment ratio in your clinic! Here is 4 simple steps to make in January to ensure you maximise revenue in 2020! Create your brand Ambassador(s)

  • Set high standards of product and ingredients knowledge amongst your staff, monitor and reward progress.

  • Select one member of staff to lead the way and work closely with 5 Squirrels to become the lead and coach other members of staff to high standards.

  • We have a range of one to one, group and online training tools to help you achieve this. Ge tin touch with us to arrange a top up training session today, allocate at least 3 hours of focussed time for this.​

Make Your Signature Range Appropriate

  • Do your products have the correct ingredients to meet your clients concerns?

  • Research your patients’ main concerns and goals for at home care, what products are they currently using, are these meeting these goals. Add products to Your Signature range which contain the ingredients proven to meet your patients’ goals, delete products from Your range which are not appropriate for your patient base.

Set goals and targets

  • Create some KPI’s for your overall business to increase your treatment to retail ratio.

  • Number of treatments v number of clients who bought at least 1 product for home treatment. What is your current ratio, do you know?

  • Set individual targets and overall clinic targets, reward success

  • Link products to treatments or concerns using 5 Squirrels skin rituals or pre and post procedural protocols.

Start all patient visits with a skin fitness assessment

  • Using 5 Squirrels skin fitness assessment tool as part of a patient consultation and consent process will allow your patients to open up about their skin issues and explain which products they are currently using and how they are meeting their concerns. If they are working well, why are they in clinic?

  • This will give you an opportunity to discuss the cause of their issues and the ingredients proven to treat the issue, educating the client and making them a participant in their journey, gently waking them up to the fact their brand loyalty to High St brands is not being rewarded with their desired outcomes. If you would like to develop a business plan to develop the retail opportunity within your clinic, drop us an email at and we will be happy to support you with this and help you achieve growth throughout 2020 and beyond.



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