Introducing GlycoAla : Our New Product Revolutionising Photodynamic Therapy

September 19, 2019


We've joined forces with Alamed technologies UK Limited to introduce GlycoAla to the UK and Irish aesthetic marketplace, launching at the British College of Aesthetic Medicine annual conference on 21st September 2019.


This new partnership will allow HCP’s working in medical aesthetics to gain competence in this exciting and novel photodynamic therapy treatment through excellent training provided by Dr Robin Stones & Jan Birch along with our commercial and business support excellence.


Phototherapy (PT) devices have gained huge popularity in recent years. However photodynamic therapy (PDT) has seen many limitations due to poor patient tolerance, associated with pain, long incubation times and a high level of downtime. Product stability, cold chain requirements, high cost and access have also limited its use.


GlycoAla addresses many of these limitations and will help HCP’s to maximise the benefits of their PT devices and allow them to introduce PDT to their clients with all the skin conditioning benefits this can offer to patients, with a straightforward protocol, for the very first time.


GlycoAla® is the world’s only cosmetic photodynamic gel that includes hyaluronic acid and utilizes an advanced glycosphere nanoparticle delivery system for superior stability, absorption, and results.


GlycoAla’s photodynamic ingredient is encapsulated in glycosphere nanoparticles, which enables enhanced penetration into the skin and provides you and your patients a safe and efficacious treatment that is designed to help:

• The appearance of skin tone
• Reduce visible signs of sun damage and aging                                                                                     

• Minimize the appearance of pore size                                                                                                             

• Promote the appearance of hydration and improve the effects of moisture retention


Only GlycoAla’s Revolutionary Glycosphere Technology Delivers:

• Unparalleled product stability and ease of use
• An effective cosmetic photodynamic molecule combined with hyaluronic acid
• Impressive results without the downtime or side effects often associated with more aggressive treatments    • Cost effectiveness and high ROI 


GlycoAla is designed to help:

• Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles                                                                               

 • Reduce visible signs of sun damage
• Reduce the look of pore size
• Promote appearance of hydration and skin tone                                                                                   

• Support ongoing maintenance for lasting results


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