Is Your Brand Showing It's True Colours?

Your brand’s colours can tell more than you can imagine about your business. The psychology of colour says every colour elicits a different response from customers, the right colour for your brand can establish trust and familiarity, where a products colour can heavily influence a customer’s purchasing decision.

This all means that the right choice of colour will not only help build your brand, but it can also affect your total sales. But how do colours affect us and what does that mean for your brand? Here’s an overview of each colour and what it represents.

Applying Colour Psychology To Your Skincare Range

It’s useful to understand the psychology of each colour when creating your brand’s identity, but it also important to remember the appropriateness of the colour, pick colours and accents that represent your brands personality.

If you wish for your branding to instil a sense of trust and calmness then blue is a brilliant colour to choose.

Green is a great colour for skincare product packaging as it is commonly associated with nature and health. Most clients will seek out skincare products that promote good health and contain no harsh ingredients. Therefore green is a perfect choice.

Purple has a strong association with royalty, hence some skincare brands choose this colour as they wish to associate their brand with wisdom and longevity.

To portray your brand as bold and exciting use red, this colour also suggests youthfulness which is desirable in the skincare industry!

White is visible in a lot of skincare branding. White conveys cleanliness, innocence and goodness. However it also has connotations of coldness and sterility, so must be used with the target audience in mind. White is popular in skincare packaging as it suggests the brand has high cleanliness, purity, safety and perfection, all great traits for a skincare brand!

Your colour choice can build your brand’s aesthetic while also bringing you closer to your target audience.

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