Does Your Business Need A Rebrand?

Rebranding is the creation of a new look and identity for your brand, products or company. It may encompass a complete change of name, design and marketing or can be as simple as a slight change in logo design or colour. Either way, even minor changes can breathe new life into a business.

It is always worth remembering that a brand is the promise made to a customer about the product or service on offer, keeping this promise provides brand equity. Redesigning a logo is more focussed on appearing contemporary or intending to maintain relevance or attracting a new audience.

Whether or not you are considering a rebrand, there are a number of reasons why it could be just what your business needs.

With regards to logo re-design the following points are a good guide:

Staying Current

Keeping your brand relevant is one of the most common reasons for a company to decide to rebrand. Customer perceptions, values and options of brands and industries are constantly evolving. The rise of social media has seen design and fashion trends consistently move around quickly, meaning what was once considered successful and effective branding, can start to feel out of touch. Even minor changes can regenerate a brand’s look and regain the attention of the modern customer.

Differentiating yourself from others

Established businesses can find new and existing competitors can start to emulate their USP and branding, meaning customers start to forget what makes your business unique and will find it difficult to see value between yourself and another company. Customer perception is vital and a rebrand can benefit your company by bringing its strengths and successes to light ahead of your competitors.

Connecting with audiences old and new

Just as your business grows and evolves with time, culture and society will evolve also, it is important to ensure your brand values and design are fully in line with your existing demographic while still being open to new audiences and markets. A rebrand in this instance will make sure your business position remains in line with your current and new customer’s expectations.

Most people will think a rebrand will completely change their business look, but even minor changes that are well thought out, researched, and with a purpose can really make a positive impact on your brand.

A great example of this is Coca-Cola, a classic logo we can all imagine but subtle changes over the years have kept their logo relevant, contemporary and in touch with new generations.

If you are thinking of undergoing a rebrand or logo redesign, to change, re-fresh or address issues due to market changes or customer perception, 5 Squirrels can offer expert advice and design to help you to put a new strategy in place.

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