How to increase word of mouth referral using social media. Part 2- Snapchat


Now onto Snapchat, this is an application that allows users to share content for a small amount of time; once the ‘snap’ has been displayed it disappears forever. Doesn't sound ideal to market with, right? Wrong! It’s a great way to interact with your client base! They have a feature called ‘stories’ which is a way to keep your content viewable for an extended period of time (such as a day). This is a great way to keep your younger clients ‘in the loop’ about what is going on in your clinic and what you can offer to them! I recommend Snapchat highly for younger customers due to the amount of time it takes to view a snap, it is very quick and requires little attention or input on their part. There are many different ways in which you can use Snapchat but these can be completely up to you but here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Upload short videos of what’s going on in the clinic- this can be a short snap of a procedure (nothing too invasive or scary) then the outcome of the procedure afterwards. This can show clients the great work you have done, along with maybe tempting them to get that surgery they have always wanted.

Send snaps of interesting and relevant news- This could be anything from gossip to news stories that are interesting to you and your client and even big clinic news such as sales & new product lines.

Be creative with your snaps, remember that people use Snapchat to kill time so brighten up their day a little! Try entertaining your customers with something funny or interesting you have seen or something that you have created with the doodle tool! Try not to push sales too much, try and create a good presence that reflects how you do business and consumers will trust you.

Just remember that Snapchat is a causal application that has a relaxed feel to it, you should bear in mind that being too corporate or business(y) can sometimes be counterintuitive. I recommend keeping a relaxed tone and use it as if you’re sending snaps to your friends (nothing too crazy however).

Thank you for reading!

Those are my reasons I think using these two social media tools can improve your business and reach out to a younger clientele. I hope they have been informative! The next steps are to put them into place and see how it goes!

I am happy to support any 5 Squirrels clients with growing their social media presence.

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