How to increase word of mouth referral using social media. Part 1- Instagram

In the aesthetics industry there is a noticeable difference between the behaviour of the younger generation of skincare clients compared to the older generation. This is very apparent on social media where most younger clients are happy to show off having ‘work done’ whilst older clients tend to be more discrete about any procedures. This is probably driven by the fact younger clients are often seeking augmentation or enhancement whereas older clients are in need of anti-ageing treatments, which they are less willing to declare publically. The younger client’s decision to publicly announce any aesthetic procedures has been spurred on by a number of celebrities who constantly bombard social media with ‘selfies’ and images of themselves and friends who have undergone enhancement procedures. It is therefore obvious that younger clients are more likely to increase word of mouth referral than older clients. This referral is usually conducted through several channels but the two that I feel are key to reach a young cohort of clients are Instagram and Snapchat, these two social media applications play a large part in the fashion and beauty industries.


Let’s start with Instagram. This is a social media application that is based around images and video, the user uploads these onto a feed where others can like and comment. Sound familiar? It’s pretty much a Facebook for pictures in my honest opinion.

The best way to gain a younger target market is firstly making sure you have an active account which has content to view. This paired with a well written and tailored biography is a great way to get started as you have content and information about yourself. Try and keep your information short and snappy with a link to your website with a link shortener. Keep things causal also, this is due to a younger audience speaking informally, so make sure you can interact with your audience.

Another way to reach your desired target market on Instagram is by being relevant with what you post. This applies to all aspects of social media but posting salesy content can get quite boring, so make sure you stay fresh and relevant. Oh, and make sure the photos are interesting and eye catching! Instagram works visually so, no time for masses of text just good photography outlining your message.

Upload some videos to your Instagram, this is a great way of reaching a younger audience as you can make your videos interesting, relevant and informative. This can be through interesting visual effects such as filters, relevant music to match the type of customer you are appealing to or even short videos of sought after procedures.

Instagram users usually follow key opinion leaders to get fashion, cosmetic and gossip updates. This can be a great source of inspiration for your posts. Try following a few vloggers and Instagram users with posts aimed at younger audiences, this will be beneficial to understand the needs and wants of your audience along with good PR opportunities with those you have followed. Some profiles are listed below:

-Kylie Jenner –@kyliejenner -Zoella- @zoella -PixiWoo- @pixiwoos @nixiepixi1 -Lisa Eldridge- @lisaeldridgemakeup -Fleur de Force- @fleurdeforce -Tanya Burr- @tanyaburr

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