How can 5 Squirrels help with patient retention?

Why did you decide to start 5 Squirrels?

Having developed strong partnerships with medical aesthetic practitioners, the issue of mainstream skincare brand manufacturers selling skincare products directly to patients was causing real issues with patient trust and retention. Essentially, many practitioners were being used to endorse and recommend mainstream brands, only to find the manufacturers selling the products at discounts directly to patients. Being faced with an angry patient who has bought a brand from a practitioner at a reasonable price and then finds it at a bargain price on Amazon does not evoke trust!

How does 5 Squirrels solve this problem?

We are the silent partner of concerned practitioners, supporting them in the development of their own skincare brands. They are then able to recommend their own brand products; re-establishing trust and loyalty with patients. Our research revealed that there is a relatively small number of molecules used in skincare with robust clinical evidence; the majority of mainstream brands essentially all have the same generic ingredients, L-ascorbic acid, retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, humectants, emollients, metallic oxides, etc. Practitioners who work with us can offer the same clinically-proven ingredients to their patients at an affordable price.

What success have you had?

Some brands have appeared on national television and been recommended by celebrities in the national press. Others are now sold in high-end retail outlets. This has really disrupted the current skincare trends and successful clinics are able to recruit new patients for treatments following exposure to their brands.

Is the process complicated?

Launching a new brand can be very expensive and time consuming, without the guarantee of success. We remove most of the risk by allowing our partners to order low quantities of products. We have streamlined the process and have a network of suppliers who are able to handle all of the brand artwork, regulatory requirements, production, supply and batch traceability, without individual practitioners having to start from scratch every time.

Build your own brand, not somebody else’s!

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