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16 Aug 2019

Do your patients come to you with horizontal neck lines? Here’s how to help!

According to Ofcom a decade of technological revolution has transformed our behaviour with 1 in 5 people spending more than 40 hours a week online. From this statistic it’s clear that we may need to curb our smartphone addictions, the excessive use has been proven to worsen anxiety and the blue light emitted from our screens is said to disrupt our sleep cycles, and now there’s another issue: the repetitive movement of looking down at our smartphones could be responsible for developing neck wrinkles, nicknamed ‘Tech Neck’.

The skin on our neck is constantly fighting gravity as we move in dai...

13 Aug 2019

In recent years we have seen a huge influx of healthcare practitioners developing their skills and starting new businesses in medical aesthetics. Whilst demand from patients also continues to increase, we may now be at a pivotal point in the market place, when supply begins to outstrip demand.

The global increase in sales of professional aesthetic products in 2012 over 2011 was 7.5% - with average patient retention rates estimated at 10%-30% and an estimated doubling of healthcare professionals delivering services.

This is clearly evidenced with the continued and increasing number of businesses offering “wrinkle relaxing injections” for £99. Whilst these adverts may...

24 Jul 2019

When starting out many clinics overlook the importance of the retail experience for their patients and focus, quite rightly, on the treatment rooms and the clinical aspects of the services they offer.

However, as the business expands, and patient numbers grow many patients can be encouraged to visit the clinic on a more frequent basis for skincare requirements as opposed to visiting for treatments only.

This can have a significant impact on the patient’s aesthetic outcome, number of patient touch points, the patients net value and also can become a major source of revenue and profit for the clinic.

It is therefore worthwhile re-evaluating your clinics retail space to...

7 Apr 2016



Now onto Snapchat, this is an application that allows users to share content for a small amount of time; once the ‘snap’ has been displayed it disappears forever. Doesn't sound ideal to market with, right? Wrong!  It’s a great way to interact with your client base! They have a feature called ‘stories’ which is a way to keep your content viewable for an extended period of time (such as a day). This is a great way to keep your younger clients ‘in the loop’ about what is going on in your clinic and what you can offer to them! I recommend Snapchat highly for younger customers due to the amount of time it takes to view a snap, it is very quick and requires lit...

1 Apr 2016

In the aesthetics industry there is a noticeable difference between the behaviour of the younger generation of skincare clients compared to the older generation. This is very apparent on social media where most younger clients are happy to show off having ‘work done’ whilst older clients tend to be more discrete about any procedures. This is probably driven by the fact younger clients are often seeking augmentation or enhancement whereas older clients are in need of anti-ageing treatments, which they are less willing to declare publically. The younger client’s decision to publicly announce any aesthetic procedures has been spurred on by a number of celebrities who...

23 Mar 2016

Why did you decide to start 5 Squirrels?


Having developed strong partnerships with medical aesthetic practitioners, the issue of mainstream skincare brand manufacturers selling skincare products directly to patients was causing real issues with patient trust and retention. Essentially, many practitioners were being used to endorse and recommend mainstream brands, only to find the manufacturers selling the products at discounts directly to patients. Being faced with an angry patient who has bought a brand from a practitioner at a reasonable price and then finds it at a bargain price on Amazon does not evoke trust!


How does 5 Squirrels solve this problem?


We are the...

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