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7 Apr 2016



Now onto Snapchat, this is an application that allows users to share content for a small amount of time; once the ‘snap’ has been displayed it disappears forever. Doesn't sound ideal to market with, right? Wrong!  It’s a great way to interact with your client base! They have a feature called ‘stories’ which is a way to keep your content viewable for an extended period of time (such as a day). This is a great way to keep your younger clients ‘in the loop’ about what is going on in your clinic and what you can offer to them! I recommend Snapchat highly for younger customers due to the amount of time it takes to view a snap, it is very quick and requires lit...

1 Apr 2016

In the aesthetics industry there is a noticeable difference between the behaviour of the younger generation of skincare clients compared to the older generation. This is very apparent on social media where most younger clients are happy to show off having ‘work done’ whilst older clients tend to be more discrete about any procedures. This is probably driven by the fact younger clients are often seeking augmentation or enhancement whereas older clients are in need of anti-ageing treatments, which they are less willing to declare publically. The younger client’s decision to publicly announce any aesthetic procedures has been spurred on by a number of celebrities who...

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